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The German Concern “KHS” AG and the Moldovan Company “Acorex Wine Holding” SA will Sign an Agreement on Supplying of a New Bottling Line


news20040220.jpgOn 19th of February Mr. Matternus Gemmel, the sales director and member of the supervising council of the German concern “KHS” AG, came to Moldova with an official visit. The main purpose of Mr. Gommel was to sign with the Moldovan company “Acorex Wine Holding” SA a sale-purchase agreement of a tree-million Euro bottling line.
The solemn signing of this document took place on Friday, the 20th of February, at the stand of “Acorex Wine Holding” company in the central hall of the exhibition center “Moldexpo”, where the “ExpoVin Moldova - 2004” show was in place.
The importance of this event for the Republic of Moldova is emphasized by the officials’ presence at the signing of this agreement – Mrs. Lochner, the first secretary of the German Embassy in Moldova and Mr. Mr. Valeriu Tira, the vice-director of the Agri-industrial Department “Moldova – Vin”.

The bottling line that will be installed at “Acorex Wine Holding” factory in Cricova village is a completely automatic line of cold sterile bottling of the last generation with an efficient productivity of 12 thousands bottles per hour. This is the most modern line at the moment, and it is unique in the Eastern Europe, and there are less then ten lines of this type in the entire world.
Such ultra-modern equipment will allow “Acorex Wine Holding” to pass to the highest level of wine production which will allow the Moldovan Company to enter the international markets with equal rights with the largest world wine producers.

The acquisition of the new bottling line is a part of the strategic plan of “Acorex Wine Holding” company and its relates to the technical and production development of the enterprise. Becides, future investments are planed in the reconstruction and replaciement the old equipment of the primary wine-making factories, as well as in planting of new vineyards in the southern part of the country.
The German Concern “KHS” AG is one of the leading manufacturers of the equipment for drinks bottling in the world and has representative offices in 126 countries. Every second bottle produced in the world was bottled on the equipments of KHS. The management of the concern views our country as one of the most perspective and most dynamically developing market of its products. The official representation in Moldova successively operates here for over 5 years, and supports the Moldovan companies in their quest of ways of financing the supply of new equipment with the involvement of German financial institutions.


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