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Acorex Wine Holding – Wine Made According to All Rules of Art

Welcome to Moldova – a country with rich history and traditions.

A poet named this land “The gates to Heaven”. He did not exaggerate. The favorable location and climate attracted people to these lands throughout the ages; they built houses, raised their children and of course cultivated the land. There is a saying about Moldova’s land richness: “Put a stick into the soil and in the spring it will flourish”. Moldovans loves their land and their special gift of nature is the vine.

The country has the shape of a bunch of grapes, which has become a specific symbol of Moldova. Moldovan wine is the visiting card of this land and is a matter of pride for every person living in this country.

Look at the landscapes of Moldova and you’ll fall in love with its sunny vine covered hills. The topography of the country, rich soil, warm climate, rivers, and proximity to the Black Sea all contribute to the excellence of our grapes.

There is a saying “The wine is our pride”. For the people of Moldova this is not an arrogant statement but a genuine belief. A belief which compliments our own company philosophy – Vinum Lege Artis… Wine made according to all rules of art.

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