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contemporan.jpgAt this time “Acorex Wine Holding” – is a vertically integrated structure of production and trade, that keeps under control the entire process of production, beginning with the planting and ending with bottling.

“Acorex Wine Holding” performs the processing of the grapes at three wine factories of primary processing in the south of Moldova in the villages of Corten, Tvardita, Valea Perjei, as well as at one of the factories from the center of the country. The factories are equipped with modern French and Italian equipment that is necessary for the processing of the grapes (crushers, pumps, pneumatic press, filters, vertical and horizontal reactors with controlled fermentation temperature).

The ram material of a high quality of “Acorex Wine Holding” comes from the vineyards from the south of Moldova. The total area of these vineyards is 3000 hectares, and the harvest comming from it fully supplies the company with raw material. The company permanently consults with the best experts in viticulture.

Foreign wine-makers – experts are invited to perform the quality control of the production processes at the facilities of the company, giving the needed consulting to the Moldovan colleagues.

In 2003 “Acorex Wine Holding” Company became the first one in Moldova to receive the certificate of production of the organic wines from the Swiss company SGS. These are the wines of “Terra Verde” trade mark.

In the list of products are presented the following trade marks: “Acorex Wine”, “Red & Wine”, “Legenda”, “Albastrele”, “Corten” and “Terra Verde”. These include 140 names of different categories.

The implementation of technologies and the permanent control of products’ quality will allow “Acorex Wine Holding” company to introduce its wines to the markets of Northern America and Europe.

Today the geography of the export of “Acorex Wine Holding” wines remains the widest of all Moldovan producers. The products of the company is well known in many countries of the world, among which are United kingdom, Belgium, Japan, Poland, Russia, USA, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Check Republic, Slovakia, Holland, Sweden, Greece, China and many others.

In the collection of the company are more then 270 awards that were conferred from 1999 at the prestigious international wine tasting contests.

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