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The History of the Company

 The “Acorex” company started its activity in 1989 as an exporter of Moldavian wines. Back in those times the company was carrying out only trade operations selling wines produced by Moldovan wine factories. By that time, only Moldovan wine producers could provide a permanent high quality of products. That’s why the management of “Acorex” company took the decision to build its own modern factory for wine production and bottling.

In August of 1998, with an investment of 14 millions US dollars, the construction of the first Moldavian private wine factory was accomplished. The company refused to cooperate with other Moldovan wine producers and completely focused on the production and selling of its own products.

Starting with 1999, the company started to build a program of individual production of grapes in order to control the quality of the products starting with the very first stages of its preparation.

The basic development stages

The key to the success of “Acorex Wine Holding” company is the permanent development of the supply with raw materials and of the grape processing factories. The company intends to increase the flow of investments in this area. The  production technology control from vines planting till the  wine bottling will make possible to assure both quality and costs related its products. This is  important in conditions of an increasing competition in this area.

Thus, our company is present on the wine market since 1989.

In August 1998 the company started the exploitation of its own wine factory in Cricova.

In 1999 the company managed the first production wine-making season in the south of Moldova, renting and modernizing, according to an Italian project, the grape processing factory from Cahul.

In 2000 the company experienced the first success at the international wine competition in Verona.

In 2000, after the study of the soil and climate conditions of the south of Moldova, the first contracts were signed on common cultivation of grapes with the best enterprises from Cahul (Budceac) wine region, located in the east of this region in the steppe of  Budceac in the neighborhood of Ceadir-Lunga:

  • Corten,
  • Valea Perjei,
  • Tvardita,
  • Bejgheoz,
  • Gaidar,
  • Djoltai.

In 2000 the company spent the wine-making season at the wine factory from Corten, which was rented and then modernized according to an Italian project.

In 2000 – new awards at the international competition in Verona, the Silver Medal at the Championship of the World of Chardonnay in France, and other medals at international competitions.

In 2001 the first sale to international markets, such as in United Kingdom, Holland, Belgium took place.

In 2001, in collaboration with SGS Moldova (Switzerland), the production of organic grapes and wine was organized  at the vineyards from Corten, Bejghioz, and Djoltai.

In 2002 was continued the modernization of the wine factory from Corten, were significantly increased the capacities of production of high quality wines.

In 2002 the amount of the sales increased on all the markets of East and West.

In 2002 the company was conferred medals and diplomas at each of he contests where it participated.

In 2002 was created its own trade company in Moscow.

In 2002 the wines produced according to the SGS standards received the status of organic wines.

In 2003 in addition to the wine factory from Corten two other wine factories in Valea Perjei and Tvardita are leased out. The company developed  and implemented projects of their modernization, after which each of the factories received its own specialization:
  • Corten –  red wine-making,
  • Tvardita – white wine-making,
  • Valea Perjei – production of sweet wines.

In 2003 a trade company in United Kingdom is created  with a majority of shares held by Acorex.

In 2003 the amount of the sales continues increasing, there are new markets, among which is the market of Switzerland. This resulted from the victory of our products at the contest organized by the Swedish alcohol monopoly.

In 2003 the joint venture for vine planting is created together with with the agricultural enterprises of Bejgheoz and Djaltoi. On the first 50 hectares of our own vineyards are planted the French and Italian clones of Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot Noir varieties.

In 2003 the organic wines, produced according to the SGS standards, receive the status of wines being in conversion from non-organic to organic.

In 2004 the processing volumes, despite the non-favorable weather conditions, reaches at all three factories the amount of 15 thousands tons of grapes.

In 2004 the modernization of wine factories and of grapes processing factories is carried on. Now all the quantities of all kinds of wine are processed according to the most contemporary technologies of wine-making.

In 2004 the modernization of the bottling factory from Cricova is performed. The bottling line Bertolaso is purchased, allowing bottling the wine in a nitrogen atmosphere which guarantees the organic stability of our wines for a two year term, this will allows the company to grow on an international level in terms of the quality of wine bottling.

In 2004 is the first large success at the most prestigious international contest in Bordeaux, the Gold Medal is conferred for Sauvignon Blanc wine. In total during this year 27 awards of different value were received at different international competitions.

In 2004 the organic wines, produced according to the SGS standards, receive the status of 100% organically pure. During that year were produced 100.000. decalitres of organically pure wines.

In 2004 one more joint venture for vine planting is created. This time it is the agricultural enterprise from Valea Perjei. Within this enterprise are planted 60 hectares of vineyards with the implementation of the newest Italian and French clones of grapes like Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot Noir, as well as experiment other grapes varieties. The yearly planting volume of new vine achieves 100 hectares.

In 2005 of the biggest number of medals at international contests was collected.

In 2005 at the bottling factory from Cricova was started the exploitation of the Beg in Box bottling line.

In 2005 the geography of of our wines exports increases, with a subsequent increase of company’s sale.

In 2005 one more private trade company in Russia is created, for this time it is in Saint Petersburg.

In 2005 the modernization of the grapes processing factory is carried on, taking into consideration their specialization.

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