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“Acorex Wine Holding” Company Increased Production by 60%


“Acorex Wine Holding” increased its production volume by 60% in 2003.

The manager of the marketing department Mr. Dumitru Munteanu communicated to the “INFOTAG” correspondent that the sales reached the amount of 14,2 millions bottles of wine.
Mr. Munteanu said that “about 14 millions of bottles were exported to 17 countries of the world, including the Community of the Independent States, Baltic States, Poland, Check Republic, Japan, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”.

The company intends to increase the production up to 20 millions of bottles and do expand its raw materials basis. Moreover, the company plans to plant about 1.000 hectares of vineyards in the following ten years.
Mr. Munteanu added: “In 2003 we planted the first 50 hectares, this year we are planning to plant another 100 hectares. The seedlings are purchased in Italy, and these are mostly of red varieties – Cabernet and Merlot”.

In 2004 “Acorex Wine Holding” will create in the south of the Republic its own vine nursery.


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