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Moldovan Enterprise Granted with the “Russian Fame” Award


news20040112.pngAcorex Wine Holding company is awarded with “Russian Fame” («Слава России») medal for producing and delivering to Russia high quality Moldovan wines.

The “Russian Fame” award was established in 1999 by the Russian center “History of National Entrepreneurship” together with the successors of such famous Russian merchants and industrialists like Savva Morozov, Peter Smirnov, Ivan Firsanov, Alexei Abricosov, and included in the state registry of the Heraldic Committee of the Russian Federation President.

This award is granted to citizens, administrative, public and commercial organizations for outstanding achievements in traditions revitalization and entrepreneurship development , in production, scientific research, social and cultural, public and charity activities.

Among other laureates of this honorable decoration for 2003 were the Patriarchy of Moscow and of All-Russia Alexei II, member of the Royal British House Prince Michael Kent, the President of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts Zurab Tseritely, and the Governor of Astrahan region Anatoliy Gujvin.

The awarding ceremony was carried out in a solemn environment in the Kremlin Palace of Congress. At the decoration were present many high officials of the state, important politicians, representatives of business scientific and cultural circles.

Earlier the award “Russia Faim” was granted to the Mayor of Moscow Mr. Yurii Lujkov, the Speakers of Congress of the Federation and of the State Duma – Mr. Serghey Mironov and Ghenadiy Seleznev, the President of the Russian Union of the industrialists and entrepreneurs Mr. Arkadiy Volskiy, the former Prime-Minister Mr. Evgheniy Primakov, governor of Orlov region Mr. Egor Stroev, governor of Samara region Mr. Constantine Titov and many other remarkable figures from Russia and other countries.

The award granting to “Acorex Wine Holding” is another well deserved recognition of the high quality products of the company. The wines of “Acorex Wine Holding” are served in Kremlin for several years. The Government of the Russian Federation and the Food Factory “Kremlevskii” are making acquisitions of Acorex wines for official events of the highest bodies of the federal government. In 2000 the wines of “Acorex Wine Holding” were present at the inauguration of the President of the Russian Federation Mr. Vladimir Putin.


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