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Albastrele is one of «1000 Vins du Monde»!

Albastrele получает очередные награды

Диплом I степени вручен “Chardonnay” от Acorex Wine Holding в рамках Национального дня вина 2010

Национальный день вина с Acorex Wine

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The precious wine deserves a worthy setting!


The new Acorex Wine Holding premium blends have re-confirmed their high quality, winning one gold and two silver medals at the international wine tasting of Mundus Vini Great International Wine Awards’ 2007 (August 28 to September 3, Neustadt, Germany):

Pinot Grigio & Sauvignon Blanc & Aligote 2005 - a gold medal

Cabernet-Sauvignon & Merlot 2005 - a silver medal

Bastardo & Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 - a silver medal

The Acorex Wine products have been Mundus Vini award winners for four years in a row - starting in 2004, our wines have won in the aggregate 4 gold and 7 silver medals at that prestigious international competition. The success of our new premium blends is one more evidence, which demonstrates the strength of Acorex Wine excellent products and their ability to compete with the best global brands, demonstrating new quality improvements every year.




Acorex Wine Holding invested for 2 years in the consumer research jointly with the leading western market research agencies to identify the consumer preferences and purchase drivers. The outcome of that effort was the development of new style products meeting the current expectations of the Western European consumers in terms of the product taste and design.



In 2007 the new Acorex Wine developments won multiple awards at diverse prestigious international wine events, and one of each 3 British consumers preferred our Bastardo & Cabernet-Sauvignon blend in a blind tasting to Blossom Hill Cabernet. The consumer research demonstrated that the UK consumers considered the “Moldovan origin” of the wine to be a positive purchase driver potentially leading to a pleasant consumer discovery. The MundusVini awards are another confirmation of the ability of new Acorex Wine blends to conquer the hearts of the Western European consumers!





MundusVini Great International Wine Awards is the worlds largest blind tasting wine competition. It has been held annually in Germany since  2001 under the auspices of the International Vine and Wine Organization (OIV) and the International Union of Oenologists (UIOE). During the 6 years of its existence, Mundus Vini has become the largest international wine competition in Germany and one of the most prestigious wine events worldwide. MundusVini awards may be featured on the bottles and labels of the award-winning wines as the official quality assessment mark acknowledged in the EU.


 This year 4925 wine samples from 35 countries were submitted to MundusVini’ 2007, and only 1535 samples were given awards by the jury. (According to the competition regulations, the jury may award no more than 30% of the submitted samples). Based on the tasting results, the jury awarded 18 Big Gold Medals, 426 gold medals and 1091 silver medals. The jury was comprised of the professional wine tasters from 45 countries, and the ratio of foreign and domestic (German) jury members must be 4:3 according to the competition regulations.


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