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The grapes absorb the warmth of the sun,
the sweet smell  of the soil, the coolness of the rainfalls
and the caring love of the  hands that cultivated it.
And later the juicy berries are giving with generosity
all these to the people in drops of a divine drink – wine.

grapes.jpgOn the territory of Republic of Moldova there are 4 special zones of natural viticulture: Northern, Central, Southern and South-Eastern, that are divided in 19 wine viticulturist – wine-making centers. The most well known are: Cahul, Taraclia, Codru, Romanesti, Ciumai, Purcari, Hancesti, and others. The total area of vineyards is about 110 thousands hectares.

Moldova – the country of vine. It happened so along the history that even the shape of the borders of Moldova look like a bunch of grapes that became a specific symbol of our country.

The Moldovan wine is the visit card of the country and it is something to be proud of. The landscape dominated by hills, with arich soil, warm climate, many rivers and rivulets, and a close location to the Black Sea, wich contribute to the excellent grapes of Moldova.

The vineyards where the grapes are collected for “Acorex Wine Holding” wines are located in a unique climate zone next to the villages of Corten, Tvardita and Valea Perjei.

The long term partnership with the viticulturist enterprises allows the experts of the company to coordinate and control all the necessary measures regarding the care of the vineyards (cutting, garter, harvesting, etc.), that favorably contributes to excellent yields year by year.

“Acorex Wine Holding” also invests in the renovation of vineyards. The company has already planted 3000 hectares of its own vineyards and is planning to plant another 1000 hectares in the following 10 years.

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