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The Wine Processing, Storaging, Ageing and Bottling Factory

Cricova Wine Factory

The wine bottling factory from Cricova is like the top of the mountain that you would start ascending to from the moment of planting the vine. This is like a headquarters where the wine-makers work , having a constant contact with the market,  following the changes of costumers interests and the global tendencies in the development of the wine-making industry. Based on all these, this is a place where projects of new wines are developed, and where changes in the viticulture and winemaking technology are performed.

The main production principle is the tendency to the maximal naturalness. As a sculptor sees the shape of the future masterpiece in the block of stone, the same way the wine-maker feels in the green grapes the taste and fragrance of the future wine. And his mission is – with the help of the agricultural technologies to invest in the new harvest of grapes the potential that will bring in the future a natural wine that will be able to preserve its characteristics for a long time.

A natural achievement in this way was the certification of the company as an organic producer.

The performance of organic production principles, aimed to a permanent perfection wines produced based on the latest achievements in viticulture, wine-making and marketing is possible only with an integrated approach of solving of a whole range of issues starting from the vine and ending with the shelves from the shops.

The main objective of the wine factory from Cricova, from the technical point of view, is to make sure that after bottling the wine will preserve its taste and fragrance for two years long.

But there’s one more special series of wine – “Reserve” – which is designed not just to preserve its characteristics (taste and fragrance) along the years but even to become better and better. The physical, chemical and the microbiological stability of our wines doesn’t have any limitations. We guarantee to our costumers that the wines from Acorex, once stored as prescribed, will not grow dull and won’t lose its shine, so these wines will never lose its merchandising aspect.

This is ae result of a huge work that was permanently focused on the quality of our production. During several years our wine factoryin Cricova achieved the following:

  • the quality control system ISO9000-2000 was developed and implemented;
  • for the implementation of the quality standards a highly efficient modern management system was developed;
  • the challenges related to the control of all the processes related to the wine production were overcame, starting with grapes receiving at the wine factory and ending with bottling with protection against oxidation;
  • the problem related to the cork smell in  the bottled wine was solved;
  • a technology was created allowing making international wines from grapes cultivated in Moldova;
  • a technology of using oak in the production of Moldovan wines was developed and implemented.

The factory is very well equipped and has a production capacity of 50 million bottles per year. There is a possibility to increase the capacity up to 70 millions if additional equipment will be installed.

The equipment from the factory was acquired from the most famous producers of the world:

  • bottling line №1 KHS, Germany;
  • bottling line №2 Bertolaso, Italy;
  • bottling line Bag in Box Astepo, Italy;
  • equipment for filtering Filtrox, Switzerland; Padovan, Italy; Velo, Italy;
  • equipment for treating the bottles with cold Padovan, Italy;
  • laboratory equipment from Grosseron and Alianza Instrument, France.

Materials for processing wines are acquired in France, Italy and Germany.

The cork is acquired in Portugal, France, Spain, Italy and Germany.

The company hired for permanent work a wine-maker from Italy – Mr. Umberto Menini; the projects of many wines were made by the wine-maker from France Jean-Marc Sauboua. Our company is permanently collaborating with Intec company, Italy, that is permanently elaborating new bio-technologies in wine-making.

In the globalization era the  international collaboration allows our wine-making enterprise, with a complete production cycle, to produce any type of wine, depending on the requirements of the market, starting with the wine of the New World and ending with the French types. And this doesn’t mean copying, but to including the unique natural specific elements of Moldovan wines.

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