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“Zdob si Zdub” Seriving “Acorex Wine Holding” Wines at “Eurovision - 2005”


In the press-release on the results of  “Eurovision - 2005”, the Moldavian ethno-rock band “Zdob si Zdub” observed that “with a miserable budget that is incomparable with the budgets of the other artists, with insufficient advertising, without moral support that has been promised by the management, the members of the band managed to bring up to the sixth place the poorest and the less known country of Europe”. How did they do that? The press-attach of the band revealed some details of the contest.

On 20th of May on the eve of the final concert of “Eurovision - 2005” the Moldavian band “Zdob si Zdub” and the famous grand-mother Lidia Bejenaru organized a party. According to spokeswoman of “Zdob si Zdub” band – Corina Chiriac, “the party was organized by “Zdob si Zdub” band within the European pop contest.

“Traditionally at Eurovision all countries are given the possibility to through a party with a cultural program, in order to present themselves and their country to the jury and audience. Corina Chirieac said that “Zdob si Zdub” decided to make a quality party and to surprise everybody not only with the Moldavian music but also with the Moldavian cuisine. Especially for the final concert a chef from Moldova arrived that cooked the real mamaliga, and mititei. The wines of “Acorex Wine Holding” were a very good supplement to them The grand mother Lidia Bejenaru and her husband, as well as the ethno-rock band, introduced to the public the Moldavian folklore, but later the band played all its best hits. During the party were distributed booklets containg information about the band, its songs, a Moldova, and wine-making. The foreign journalists were delighted”.

On the next day according to the results of the tele-voting our band collected 148 points and received on the sixth place. According to the regulation of the contest this result will allow the competitors that represent Republic of Moldova to participate at the final of “Eurovision - 2006”.



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