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Albastrele is one of «1000 Vins du Monde»!

Albastrele получает очередные награды

Диплом I степени вручен “Chardonnay” от Acorex Wine Holding в рамках Национального дня вина 2010

Национальный день вина с Acorex Wine

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Acorex Wine Holding Invites to the “Prodexpo 2005” (Moscow) and “ExpoVinMoldova 2005” (Chisinau) Exhibitions


The truth is in the wine”, the ancient philosophers said. The essence of this saying is in the tendency to create something special, genuinely valuable, and wonderful by nature. 

The wines of Acorex Wine Holding, made according to all the rules of art, will not leave you indifferent! 

Acorex Wine Holding company is honored to invite all the connoisseur of Moldovan wines, as well as its partners to the exhibitions “Prodexpo 2005” (Moscow) and “ExpoVinMoldova 2005” (Chisinau). 

We would like to present you our last year’s results, , our new products and outstanding achievements accomplished due to a combination of care and love invested in each bottle of wine we produce.

The “Prodexpo 2005” show will take place in Moscow, on the territory of Exhibition Center “Krasnaya Presnea” from 14th to 18th of February.

The best wines of  Acorex Wine Holding will be displayed as well in the capital city of Moldova, at the exhibition “ExpoVinMoldova 2005”, which will take place during 22nd-25th of February, 2005. 
We are waiting for You!
Sincerely Yours,
Acorex Wine Holding


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