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The Wines of “Acorex Wine Holding” Appreciated at the International Exhibition in Moscow


news20050221.jpgThe “Acorex Wine Holding” products participated at the international exhibition “Prodexpo-2005” (14th-18th of February 2005).

The company submitted the application to participate at the VII wine-tasting contest that was organized within the exhibition. Half of the wines that were presented by “Acorex Wine Holding” company were granted awards.

The wine-tasting contest covered in two categories:
  • The best wines in Community of the Independent States,
  • The best European wines.

In the first category the gold medal was awarded to the dry white wine  “Chardonnay” (natural grapes wine), of 2003 harvest,  for its excellent quality, and the sweet red wine “Cahors” (special ordinary wine) 2004 harvest. The silver medal was awarded to the demi-sweet white wine “Muscat” (grapes special ordinary).
“Chardonnay” of 2003 harvest was appreciated in the category of the best European wines. The bronze medal in the category of European wines was granted to the dry white wine “Sauvignon Blanc” (grapes natural seasoned).

The wine-tasting commission additionally mentioned the following dry aged red wines of “Acorex Wine Holding”: “Pinot Noir”, “Merlot”, “Cabernet Sauvignon”, and the demi-sweet white wine “Traminer”.

The 12th international fair of foods and foods raw materials “Prodexpo” is the largest exhibition of foods in Russia and in Eastern Europe countries that is supported and organized by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and the Government of Moscow.

If you want to enjoy the taste and the aroma of the above mentioned wines you don’t have to leave Moldova. You can buy these wines in the stores of the capital city of our country.


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