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Albastrele is one of «1000 Vins du Monde»!

Albastrele получает очередные награды

Диплом I степени вручен “Chardonnay” от Acorex Wine Holding в рамках Национального дня вина 2010

Национальный день вина с Acorex Wine

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Alcohol-free wine. Example of quality


noalc_salveto_musc_big.jpg“Acorex Wine Holding” company started to develop an absolutely new product – ALCOHOL-FREE WINE. The production technology was developed inItaly and was replicated by the specialists of “Acorex Wine Holding”.

The alcohol-free wines are produced in the same manner as the classic grape wines, but the production process is a little bit more sophisticated. Before bottling the wine is extracted, meaning that the ethyl alcohol is eliminated from the wine, all useful elements being preserved. Approximately 0.5% of alcohol remains in the wine. However, despite the complicated technology all useful food and aromatic substances are preserved, as well as useful micro-elements, alcohol is the only one, which is eliminated!

“Acorex Wine Holding” is able to produce alcohol-free white and red wines.

Acorex Wine alcohol-fee wines passing through an additional quality analysis at its laboratory.

The alcohol-free wine is a great offer for drivers. It is also perfect for people whose concepts don’t allow the consumption of alcohol drinks.

But you can try this wine just like that, for pleasure, for a good spirit…


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