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(“Taking Root” on Acorex Stand 3A07)


ACOREX, Moldova’s award-winning producer of premium quality wines, will launch its new consumer-driven £4.99 wine brand on their stand 3AO7 at Prowein 2007. Acorex has invested in a team of global brand building experts and ongoing research into the mind of the consumer to create a stand-alone wine brand set to transcend the boundaries of Eastern European wine.  With packaging that has already been nominated for a prestigious wine industry design award, wines that consumers prefer over leading top 10 brands in blind taste tests, and consumer research showing that consumers find ‘wine from Moldova’ to be a positive incentive for purchase, “Taking Root” is set to take Western European markets by storm.


“Taking Root” is imported by renowned brand building agent PLB (creators of Chileno and Italian Icons) in the UK and will soon be announcing their partnership with an equally well respected importer in the US. Their aim at Prowein is to find like-minded importers for the German, Scandinavian and Eastern European markets, and begin to generate interest amongst retail and restaurant buyers. Acorex is confident that importers into mainland Europe will be as enthused by the “Taking Root” proposition as John Smith, MD of PLB. PLB is very excited to launch “Taking Root” in the UK market. We have carefully researched consumer perceptions to create a strong brand that we know consumers will respond to, and have worked with Acorex to develop a wine style that appeals to the consumer palate.’


Acorex invested in two years of consumer research with leading agencies Wine Intelligence and the Drinks Business’ Drinks Insight in order to create a brand name that resonated with consumers, packaging that inspired strong pull-through and brand loyalty, and wines that could compete with market-leading brands. The final result is the “Taking Root” range: Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Bastardo /Cabernet Sauvignon (all rrp £4.99) with the same high quality that garnered Acorex two best in class, two silver medals and three bronze medals in this year’s International Wine & Spirit Competition. Grapes are hand harvested using organic practices from Acorex’s 3,000 hectares of vineyards in Moldova. Consulting Italian winemaker Umberto Menini and Vladimir Lazariuc from Moldova oversee production of 15 million bottles per year.


“Taking Root” has already been nominated for the prestigious Drinks Business Design & Packaging Award 2007 (winner announced at LIWSF) and in blind taste tests 1 in 3 consumers preferred Taking Root’s Bastardo/Cabernet to Blossom Hill Cabernet and 1 in 2 preferred their Pinot Grigio to the UK’s best selling Italian Pinot Grigio. Research also showed that 71% of consumers said that it would make no difference that “Taking Root” was from Moldova when purchasing wine and 34% said they were more likely to buy the wines because they were from Moldova. As for price expectations, 72% would buy the wines for £4.99 and over half would purchase “Taking Root” at £5.49.


Commenting on these extraordinary results, Ruth Fitzgerald, Marketing Director for Acorex said, We’ve created a brand that over delivers on quality both inside and outside the bottle, provides consumers with outstanding value for money and, most importantly, offers a unique proposition that buyers and their end customers can get excited about.





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