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Albastrele получает очередные награды

Диплом I степени вручен “Chardonnay” от Acorex Wine Holding в рамках Национального дня вина 2010

Национальный день вина с Acorex Wine

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Wines from “Acorex Wine Holding” for the Citizens of Her Majesty


news20041216.jpgOn 14th and 15th of December 2004 “Acorex Wine Holding” company was visited within a business trip by the commercial director of “Direct Wines Ltd” Mrs. Anne Linder accompanied by the authoritative wine-maker expert from France Mr. Jean-Marc Sauboua.

The main subject of the visit was the discussion of exports of “Acorex Wine Holding” products to the United Kingdom for 2005. During the visit a tasting of wines of 2004 harvest took place, that confirmed the high quality of the products and enlarged the assortment of wines to be exported to the British market.
During 2004 the shipments of “Acorex Wine Holding” production to the United Kingdom were doubled. In 2005 the planned export volumes will increase up to half million bottles.
The English partners informed the management of the company about the increasing idemand for the Moldovan high quality wines and the continuous increase of their popularity.

The “Albastrele” and “Legenda” wines exported to United Kingdom are sold in the restaurants of Chisinau, in the diplomatic store of “Jolly Allon” hotel and in the “Duty Free” shops of the Chisinau Airport.


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