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Albastrele is one of «1000 Vins du Monde»!

Albastrele получает очередные награды

Диплом I степени вручен “Chardonnay” от Acorex Wine Holding в рамках Национального дня вина 2010

Национальный день вина с Acorex Wine

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The wines of Acorex Wine range awarded at the International Wine Challenge 2007


After two weeks of expert tastings and consideration, the jury of the International Wine Challenge announced the results of this major and most prestigious international wine-making competition, which is held in London annually. We are proud to note that Acorex Wine Holding was the only Moldovan company winning the awards of this prestigious wine forum for Moldova this year, demonstrating once again its leadership as the producer of high quality wines for the domestic market as well as abroad.


Here are the Acorex wines awarded this year:

Wine Award
PRIVATE RESERVE CHARDONNAY,  2005 IWC_bronze_medal_2007_Thumb.jpgbronze medal
TAKING ROOT PINOT GRIGIO,  2006 IWC_commended_medal_2007_Thumb.jpgdiploma
Cuvee Aleksandr Meth Trad , 2005 IWC_commended_medal_2007_Thumb.jpgdiploma
Albastrele Pinot Grigio Cahul, 2006 IWC_commended_medal_2007_Thumb.jpgdiploma

This year the jury had to taste and assess above 9300 wine samples from 35 countries. Next to 40 MW (Masters of Wine), the jury included world-famous winemakers, wine traders and highly authoritative wine writers, such as Oz Clark and Janice Robinson.


We congratulate our AWH team of professionals and wine lovers with this new victory!





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