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Wine Toasts from Acorex Wine Holding


Life has an end, it is short, but the dreams are endless.
You’re on the road, but your dream is at home. You’re going to see your beloved, but the dream is already in her arms. You’re living now, but the dream is already so many years ahead… It flies beyond the limit where life ends in darkness…

Let’s  drink for the dream that makes our lives longer!


When you’re young you think happiness ahead, when you’re aged you think happiness is behind. How to make sure that you didn’t miss it?
Maybe the best thing would be to enjoy the present.

To the Moment!


The absurdity is reigning over the ruins of mind. The truth might reign over the ruins of soul. And only love flourishes even on the ruins of our hearts.

To Love!


People say that the morning is smarter then the evening. But this evening is an exception: this evening is fun; we drink wine and enjoy the lovely ladies.

So let’s drink for the wisdom of this evening!


Two neighbors went to the market to sell their wine. On the way they stopped to take a breath.
– It would be nice to have a glace of wine now! – said one of them.
– But we are taking this wine to the market to sell it and we can’t waste a drop of it.
Then the first one took a coin and said:
– Poor me some on this coin.
The man poured him a glace, gave him back the coin saying:
– Now you pour some for me.
This is how the coin moved from one hand to another until the moment when both wineskins were empty. Both neighbors were very pleased with the trade.

Let’s have a drink for the good deal!


Every fisherman dreams to see a Golden Fish, every lady dreams to see her Prince Charming, every young man dreams to see the Most Beautiful Princess.

To the CARROTS! It improves you VISION!!!

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